Nan Hwa Fishboat

My foodie sister asked me to join her for a fish steamboat dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was not a real steamboat meal where I would have to cook boring ingredients in a pot.

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Mak’s Noodle at Westgate

Wanted to eat something healthy as usual and remembered the good reviews for the congee at Mak’s Noodle! There’s both indoor and outdoor seating at the Westgate outlet.

The staff are extremely on the ball. I was waiting for my companions for about 10 minutes and was asked four times if I was ready to order. The food is also served within minutes.

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24-Hour Teochew Cuisine Restaurant in Bukit Batok

Teochew Cuisine Restaurant is nestled under a HDB block in Bukit Batok. It isn’t very centrally located, yet it’s open 24 hours and sells delicacies such as abalone and fish maw.

Teochew Braised Combo.
Teochew Braised Combo.

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Greendot at Westgate

Feeling unwell, I was craving something healthy and decided to try Greendot. It’s a small vegetarian eatery outdoors on the first floor of Westgate serving mainly rice and noodles with mushrooms and other vegetables.

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Moi Lum in Maxwell Road

My mum was raving about what she exclaimed as “super delicious Peking duck and roasted chicken”, so we trooped down for dinner on a Sunday, with a last-minute reservation made for 1730. Yes it opens for dinner that early, and it was a good idea because when we were midway through our meal, diners started pouring in.

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