The Short on Luxe in Keong Saik

Luxe Sydney’s first overseas restaurant-bar opened earlier this year in Keong Saik Road. Serving Australian food with a Singapore twist, the place is beautifully done up and seems more like a friend’s home than an eatery.

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Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road

Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road made bottles of Peppermint Valrhona chocolate ($7), perfect for the Christmas season when I last went (oops, it’s already New Year’s!)

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Dean & DeLuca at HillV2

Dean & DeLuca is a New York cafe and store that opened in Singapore in 2012 and it has three outlets here – in Orchard Central, Far East Square and HillV2 – serving all-day breakfast and stocking gourmet treats from overseas. It was my first time visiting the smaller HillV2 outlet, which opened last year, and I was excited to find granola from Brooklyn’s Early Bird Foods & Co!

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Park at Holland Village

I’ve been to Park, a cafe by day and bistro by night, quite a few times since my foodie sister raved about it upon its opening. Little tidbit: The eatery is lined with solar panels and is constructed from containers taken apart and reassembled on site.

The dishes here have been hits and misses, and a recent brunch was a little horrifying. Let me get to that in a bit.

We ordered a mocha, cappuccino, grilled mushroom sandwich, side of bacon and a salmon salad (all below).


The first to arrive was a lone coffee, and I promptly began taking photos of it while my companion was talking. After about five minutes, the server returned and asked, “have you drank this?”

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Moi Lum in Maxwell Road

My mum was raving about what she exclaimed as “super delicious Peking duck and roasted chicken”, so we trooped down for dinner on a Sunday, with a last-minute reservation made for 1730. Yes it opens for dinner that early, and it was a good idea because when we were midway through our meal, diners started pouring in.

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Kuvo in Orchard Shopping Centre

Kuvo describes itself as a lifestyle concept by tcc. The restaurant is hidden on the second floor of the quiet and rather empty Orchard Shopping Centre, which is next to 313@Somerset.

The service staff were ever-present and helpful, but the food was just slightly above average.

The Forest Mushroom Veloute (above) was creamy and flavourful, but like the typical decent ones you can find at restaurants. It won’t wow you. The bread served with it was slightly warm, but would have been better if it was crusty too.

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