Two Men Bagel House at Icon Village

This is the place to go for yummy bagels!

It has been so long since I had a delicious one, prolly some 10 years ago in Vancouver. Now there’s no need to look back and reminisce!

Here’s the menu – you can buy the bagel by itself in different flavours, and with a schmear of choice too.

I went straight for the bagelwich though. LOX IS CALLING MY NAME! Two Men Bagel House has been on my radar since it opened, and I’m glad my wheat allergy is easing up a little (: Enough for one bagel a week!

Here’s the bagelwich menu. Look at Lox, it’s right on top! Woohoo!

When I arrived around 10am on a Sunday, there was a queue and the few high tables and short tables there were rather filled up. It’s more an eat-and-go sort of place, than a cafe. The lighting was really dim, but perhaps the Two Men behind the Bagel House are trying to project a grungy look. Don’t worry, the food will brighten up your day!

We ordered a Lox ($11.90, above) – Norway cured salmon served with cream cheese, house-pickled red onions and beets,capers and dill herb salad – and A B.L.T ($9.90, below) – Montreal smoked bacon served with avocados, fresh greens and fresh tomatoes. You can choose the flavour of the bagel when you order too, they include black and white sesame, onion, garlic and multi-grain (see photo of menu above).

We also got two cups of coffee with milk ($5). It’s no flat white, but it’s alright.

There’s quite a wait for the bagelwich, but it is definitely worth it! By the way, if you’re the kind who gets lost (like me), Two Men Bagel House is inside Icon Village, right opposite Cold Storage on the first floor (:

Two Men Bagel House
16 Enggor Street
Icon Village Altez
+65 6509-4125


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