Grain Traders at Raffles Place

Finally got to try this healthy eatery during a spontaneous lunch meeting with a dear friend and I can’t wait to return again!

The queue extended almost to the entrance when we arrived close to 1pm and there were tissues and work passes choping all available tables. I had no clue the eatery was very long or I might have not queued, but fortunately I continued waiting (: It is worth the wait if you have good company.

Basically, Grain Traders sells delicious, healthy bowls with grains (there’s a salad option too), breakfast bowls, coffee and dessert. You can choose standard grain bowls, or pick your own (1 protein, 1 base, 1 hot side, 2 cold sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce) for $16. It may be a good idea to go with the provided options as there were more than a few dishes to choose from and they all looked so good!

I decided to choose my own (salmon, bulgur wheat, green vegetables, marinated peppers, beansprouts salad, cashew nuts and miso caramel sauce on the side). The portion was not generous, except the base (perfect for carb loaders), but it ended up being filling. On the bright side, everything tasted healthy (not oily, for example), and the salmon was cooked perfectly, still a bit pink and raw inside, the way I like it. Sauce on the side is a good idea as, although the miso caramel sauce was really good, it was concentrated and even a dab packs a punch. You can choose to pay $2 more for a drink and snack, but we decided not to.

While waiting in the snaking queue, we were next to the coffee counter for a long time and the gluten-free avocado brownie looked scrumptious and the coffee signboard (a different counter nearer the entrance) so inviting, we decided to have dessert and drinks.

The avocado brownie was moist, but also rather sweet, so I highly doubt it’s healthy despite sounding so. It was good split in half. The long black was acceptable as it did not remind me of soya sauce, which the bad ones usually taste like.

I would definitely return to try the many other possible combinations of ingredients (: If only it opened on weekends as well and till later on weekdays.

Grain Traders
138 Market Street
01-01/02/03 CapitaGreen
+65 6348 6559

Open: Weekdays, 0800-2000



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