Teppei Omakase at Orchid Hotel

The popular Teppei serves only omakase in a small restaurant space at Orchid Hotel. The open kitchen takes up the bulk of the space and diners sit around a counter where they can watch the chefs at work.

Omakase means the chef chooses what to serve, taking into account what the diners cannot eat. At Teppei, however, you get to choose a main course which includes its famous chirashi don (also available on its own at other Teppei outlets) and items such as uni fried rice and aburi sushi. You also get to choose an ice cream for dessert (options include durian, calpis and yuzu).

Here’s a rundown and lots of photos from earlier this month. I went in a group of four. One of us does not eat seafood except raw salmon, while the other does not eat beef, lamb, pork and wheat, and Teppei kindly accommodated us 🙂

Started with a platter with edamame and potato, tamago roll, pickled vegetables, delicious silky eggy tofu, daikon etc.

Mashed-up salmon and ikura roll

That’s my form of poison – not beer, but tea in a beer mug.

Baby yam on a stick! Super cute. A tiny, hot and salty intermission.

The sashimi was quite fresh and included a slice of fatty tuna. Mine was not perfectly cut and had one strip running through it that required more chewing.

Chawanmushi, pretty normal, with some roe at the bottom.

Something delicious in the making.

Grilled crab legs, one of them so crisp you could eat the shell. I got mine cold though, so it could have been much better.

Oden replacement for not eating crab.

Bite-size chirashi, or marinated seafood and rice, spoonfed to you (here my fellow diner took the spoon as she insisted on savouring it slowly, so I got a photo). I’d say it’s a bite-size version of Teppei’s chirashi don.

Then the chef gets funny tries offering something green and potent.

It’s just mashed edamame! (:

Something else in the making.

I don’t eat beef, but that looked amazing.

More spoonfeeding.

Chicken and chicken wing yakitori. This was bursting with juices and cooked just right. There was a little too much sauce which made it sweet, but it was really delicious otherwise. It was the replacement for the next dish, which contains flour.

Fish prep!

Hot gingko on a stick.


Uni being mixed into rice for the main-course option of uni fried rice.

This could possibly be monkfish liver.

Really good. Fatty tuna, cooked. It was the replacement for the next dish, which I don’t eat.

Beef cooked really nicely. Poor cow though.

Sushi prep for the aburi sushi main course.

I didn’t eat this floury thing, so I got…

A small piece of tomato so sweet it tasted like the fruit it is.

Flavourful mushroom broth (others got a beef broth).

More prep for aburi sushi main.

A small slice of strawberry which packed so much flavour and sweetness.

Looked really good. If I return to Teppei, I’ll be ordering this.

Other main courses (you get only one) include:

Beef atop fried rice.

Fish ochazuke, made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice. I had never tried ochazuke before, so decided to try it at Teppei. The fish was really fatty, and the rice flavourful (I think he used fried rice).

Teppei’s famous chirashi don.

While we await dessert, chef started prepping for the second seating.

Yuzu ice cream. Tried some and it was unbearably sweet for me!

Calpis ice cream to end the meal.

Getting ready for part 2.

I managed to photograph most everything, excluding I think a spoonful of foie gras. Although I did not eat certain things – containing flour or the amazing looking beef – I found the experience and food worth the money. We emerged stuffed to the gills and happy.

But a simple barachirashi from one of the Teppei outlets would fit my stomach size better for now (:

Teppei Japanese Restaurant 

1 Tras Link, 078867
Reserve months in advance



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