Island Cafe reopens at Tangs Orchard


The new Island Cafe at Tangs Orchard is a beautiful green(-walled) oasis in the heart of town. A friend suggested meeting there as it just finished renovating and I was surprised while going up the escalator to the fourth floor that there was even The Providore in the building! (This is what happens when you head straight for the kitchenware section in the basement all the time.)

The revamped cafe serves mainly local and regional dishes and is beautifully lit, with the floor-to-ceiling windows letting in a lot of natural light. It is quiet and inviting, a nice spot for a break in between shopping or a lazy weekend brunch.

Since it was the Chinese New Year season, we ordered the festive special of Yu Sheng with Abalone, Snow Pear & Lychee ($38++ for two to four people), which also comes with mandarin oranges, pomelo, deep-fried yam and pickles.

It was a large portion and the three of us could not finish it. We liked that it wasn’t too sweet, and the addition of snow pear and lychee was refreshing, but it would have been better if there were more pieces of fruit.

Iced Latte ($7.50) and Slow-Pressed Beetroot & Celery Juice ($9).

Tauhu Telor ($14)

Our Gado ($16) was possibly mislabelled as it came almost completely covered in keropok (not emping crackers, as in the menu) and I had to push them aside to see the vegetables. There was no pumpkin, quinoa or edamame, and the egg was not fried either. I think there was mainly cabbage, an egg, a little tempeh, tofu, long beans and carrot. Quite a disappointment as the ingredients in the description sounded more unusual – this was definitely not worth its price.

Wonton Soup ($12)

Sweet Potato Fries ($12)

Return? Possibly, I like the ambience and Our Gado may just have been one of the misses.

Island Cafe
4/F TANGS Orchard
310 Orchard Road

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