Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road

Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road made bottles of Peppermint Valrhona chocolate ($7), perfect for the Christmas season when I last went (oops, it’s already New Year’s!)

The little cafe also offers all-day brunch,  cold brew, plain Valrhona chocolate ($5 hot, $6.50 chilled), and a small selection of desserts.

I tried the Valrhona Dark Cocoa, which was like a rich chocolate milk with more depth, though it was a little too sweet for my liking (I take my caffeine without sugar).

The ondeh ondeh cake was surprisingly good. It was moist and flavourful and had the flavours of the Malay kueh.

I bought some bottles of cold brew ($6 black, $6.50 white) home and was enjoying a bottle at a bus stop one morning and getting shocked looks from commuters who thought I was an alcoholic.

I prefer the white cold brew, although mine was curd-like when I popped it open at the end of its recommended drink date. As it didn’t taste spoilt, I added some water and ice and stirred it hard into a drinkable texture (if you ever get curd-like cold brew too).  My friend who tried his the day after said his was still a liquid. He likes it and says it’s like meiji milk with coffee. It was really milky and thick with a slight hint of coffee. I guess I’ll have to try it again at the cafe.

Return? Yes

Old Hen Coffee Bar
88 Rangoon Road, #01-03
+65 6341-5458


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