The Quarters in Icon Village

The Quarters offers an Western dishes with an Asian twist. The interesting concept however was not executed well.

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Nan Hwa Fishboat

My foodie sister asked me to join her forĀ a fish steamboat dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was not a real steamboat meal where I would have to cook boring ingredients in a pot.

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The Short on Luxe in Keong Saik

Luxe Sydney’s first overseas restaurant-bar opened earlier this year in Keong Saik Road. Serving Australian food with a Singapore twist, the place is beautifully done up and seems more like a friend’s home than an eatery.

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Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road

Old Hen Coffee Bar in Rangoon Road made bottles of Peppermint Valrhona chocolate ($7), perfect for the Christmas season when I last went (oops, it’s already New Year’s!)

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