Ginzawa at Palais Renaissance

We’re fans of chirashi and wagyu beef so we decided to try Ginzawa at Palais Renaissance, formerly known as Sushi Kuu, which offers set lunches all week long.

There’s a wide variety offered for a decent price and each set comes with a chawanmushi (steamed egg), miso soup and ice cream. You can top up $5 for three pieces of salmon sashimi or a California roll.

We ordered a Premium Sashimi n Sushi Rice ($45, above), Assorted Sashimi Cube on Sushi Rice ($35), Sushi & Maki Set Deluxe ($45) and Grilled Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef & Onions on Rice ($50).

The chawanmushi (above) was covered in a thick layer of sweet syrup. The egg custard could use a little salt and was muffled by the sweetness.

What was shocking was that the Assorted Sashimi Cube on Sushi Rice (above) came with kanikama (fake crabmeat). It cheapened the dish, which looked promising. There were also cubes of tuna, salmon, swordfish, yellowtail, scallop, ikura, tamago, daikon and flying fish roe. The rice was cold and clumpy with bits of seaweed. What saved the dish was the grated wasabi and salty ikura. The fish were fresh, except the swordfish, which was a tad fishy.

My companions thought the Sushi & Maki Set Deluxe (above) was not worth the price (although it does come with fatty tuna and uni) and the beef was a little too salty and thin in the Grilled Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef & Onions on Rice (below).

Three additional sides of salmon sashimi ($15, above).

For dessert, there is a choice of yuzu sorbet or green tea ice cream (above). Can’t go wrong with either.

On a sidenote, I really enjoyed the iced green tea, which was brewed and not the typical powdered kind.

Palais Renaissance 01-07
390 Orchard Road


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