Aloha Poke in Amoy Street

Aloha Poke has been on my to-visit list since I read of its opening in October! Raw fish, salad and brown rice too? Yum!

First, a little introduction about poke, pronounced as “po-kay”. The Hawaiian staple of raw fish salad comprises tuna cut into thick cubes, tossed with shoyu, onion and sesame seeds.

It is so delicious that the eatery’s owners fell in love with it while vacationing last year in Hawaii and Aloha Poke was born.

For people who can’t decide, there’s a Standard Nalu Tuna or Standard Nalu Salmon bowl ($15.90). Yup, salmon is available, not just the traditional tuna, and there is a tofu option for vegetarians.

There are three bowl sizes: $11.90, with 75g of poke / $15.90, with 150g of poke / $19.90, with 225g of poke. For your base, there’s white rice, brown rice, a mix of both, or salad only. Then it’s toppings! There’s tuna and salmon in original, wasabi mayo and spicy, as well as a nutty sesame tofu. Add-ons include carrot, flying fish roe and nuts, and “superfood” choices comprise avocado, chia seeds, quail’s egg and pomegranate.

I chose the middle-sized bowl, with original tuna and original salmon for my two servings of poke, a base of brown rice, and toppings of mango (seasonal), flying fish roe and avocado.

How did it fare?

I really liked it. It was fresh and, with the salad and vegetables, it was more of a healthy rice bowl than just bara chirashi. When eaten as a whole though, it’s hard to tell the tuna from the salmon. I tried my companion’s wasabi mayo salmon, and it has just a hint of wasabi. Look forward to trying spicy next!

Aloha Poke also has drinks such as coconut juice ($5.90) and Kona beer ($13.90), but for those who don’t want too much added sugar, help yourself to water infused with fruit. It’s refreshingly good!

Return? Yes

Aloha Poke
92 Amoy Street


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