Park at Holland Village

I’ve been to Park, a cafe by day and bistro by night, quite a few times since my foodie sister raved about it upon its opening. Little tidbit: The eatery is lined with solar panels and is constructed from containers taken apart and reassembled on site.

The dishes here have been hits and misses, and a recent brunch was a little horrifying. Let me get to that in a bit.

We ordered a mocha, cappuccino, grilled mushroom sandwich, side of bacon and a salmon salad (all below).


The first to arrive was a lone coffee, and I promptly began taking photos of it while my companion was talking. After about five minutes, the server returned and asked, “have you drank this?”

We replied no and she said, “oh okay, good, cos it’s not yours”, before passing it to a table near us. In the five minutes it was with us, the foam on the coffee had spread and the drink must have cooled quite a bit as the aircon was blasting. Let’s hope that never happens to anyone else.

On the bright side, the Ultimate Omega 3 Salad ($15.80, above) came with a generous serving of greens. It had poached salmon, smoked salmon, crispy salmon skin and ikura for a lovely mix of textures. The soy-ginger dressing was delicious too.

The cappuccino ($5, above), on the other hand, was overly milky and one-note. The Starbucks a short walk away serves much better coffee.

281 Holland Rd
+65 9721-3815


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