The Knolls at Capella, Sentosa

(Warning: Photo-heavy!)

My sister, with her evil plans to fatten me up, surprised me with one of the most awesome buffets on my birthday. I confess I thoroughly enjoyed growing fatter over the two-and-a-half hours.

The Knolls at Capella has a Sunday brunch buffet (from $128++), with options for alcohol such as champagne, beer and cocktails, but we’re not drinkers (unless you count copious amounts of bubble tea). We opted for the non-alcohol option, which comes with a free flow of mocktails, soft drinks and fresh juices.

The restaurant is brightly lit with full-glass windows, and cozy, with a partition ever few tables. It’s more long than wide.

The selection, while not large, is high-quality. There are cooking stations at the entrance, with dishes such as grilled meats, beef, fish, super-delicious vegetables, and an ice cream station.

Step in and you’ll see an almost-empty seafood bar offering a variety of freshly shucked oysters and cold prawns. Almost empty, as they shuck it on the spot. The oysters are large, juicy and so fresh that there’s none of that icky taste you get at most restaurants. I’m not a fan of oysters in Singapore as it’s hard to find good ones here, but these were excellent and I had four.

There is also sushi, sashimi, little bites including foie gras, caviar and smoked salmon, and a selection of cured meats and salads.

After that it’s dessert galore. The desserts on offer are on a par with the savoury dishes. There are many beautiful cakes and pastries set around a central table, cookies on another table, yet another laden with fruit, and another with a tower of macarons and more desserts.

One bad thing about this, though, is that the desserts are full-sized, which means it’s impossible to try all of them unless you go with a large group of dessert lovers. We were unable to finish the few that we took and it would be perfect if they came as petit fours or slightly smaller.

There is a cheese trolley which is rolled around the restaurant only near the end of the buffet, so if you leave early you may miss it. If by then you are too full to have the whole range, you could still choose to have only either the hard or soft cheeses, which the server would proceed to cut small slices of, along with crackers, dried fruit and nuts. Unfortunately, I was unable to try the ice cream, being stuffed to the gills.

For refreshments we both went for coconut juice, which came in the form of the fruit, cut open, instead of bottled. It was a nice surprise.

The most special part of the experience though, is a live band that goes from table to table serenading guests. They accept song requests too and sang a few “Happy Birthdays”. As the restaurant is so small, the wonderful music envelops you and is the perfect way to round off the meal.

The Knolls
Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls
+65 6591-5046


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