Ramen Keisuke Tori King at 100AM

Injuring the roof of my mouth (I amaze myself how I do things) means soupy food. And the first thing on my mind was Ramen Keisuke Tori King. The rich chicken-stock ramen topped with grilled chicken thigh is delicious and value for money.

Tori King is just one of Keisuke’s many ramen branches, but the reason why I keep coming back here is the chicken stock and meat. Most places serve only pork broth, if not it’s salt or soya based. But what about people who do not want to eat pork? (those poor cute pigs). Well that’s where Tori King comes in.

Tori means chicken in Japanese and the creamy, rich and comforting broth here is made with chicken bones, chicken feet, Japanese seaweed and vegetables boiled for eight hours. I always go for the original soup cos it’s soul food! But for those wanting something different or spicier, there is the Green Spicy version (with wasabi) and Black Spicy version (black pepper). You can see how they look here.

Ramen with flavoured egg.

Ramen with flavoured egg.

The ramen bowls (starting from $11.90) are all topped with chicken thigh, which is tender and flavourful, and you can add other items such as seaweed ($1), super yummy flavoured egg ($2), a huge slice of pork ($1), more noodles and more soup. To go with your noodles are sesame seeds (which you can grind yourself) and a free flow of hard-boiled eggs and slightly spicy beansprouts. The beansprouts are addictive and I can go through half a container.

Not only that, you can choose how salty and oily your soup is, how al dente your noodles are, and what toppings you want (spring onions, deep-fried onions and black fungus). It’s basically a win-win situation.

Customise your ramen.

Customise your ramen.

Ramen with flavoured egg, pork and seaweed.

Tori King ramen special, with flavoured egg, pork and seaweed.

There are also interesting drinks such as Green Tea Cola ($3) and Wasabi Ginger Ale ($3). My companion loved the Green Tea Cola and bought two bottles home.

Tori King is not big and fills up quickly; it is usually packed by 1930. Also, the seating style is communal so be prepared to have strangers eating right opposite you! But the ramen is so good and you’ll be sure to return again.

Ramen Keisuke Tori King
100AM #03-15
100 Tras Street
+65 6604-6861


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