Greendot at Westgate

Feeling unwell, I was craving something healthy and decided to try Greendot. It’s a small vegetarian eatery outdoors on the first floor of Westgate serving mainly rice and noodles with mushrooms and other vegetables.

The prices are reasonable, starting from $5.90 for a bowl of noodles and $7.90 for a custom bento (choice of rice, main and two greens), without GST. Although the photo for the custom bento shows small servings of vegetables, the server was generous.

There is no service charge, help yourself to the cutlery and sauce.

I ordered the Mixed Fresh Mushroom Bento Set ($9.80, below).

It came with an old cucumber soup, brown rice, pumpkin, eggplant, long beans and broccoli, a bowl of gong bao fresh mushroom and three small cubes of dragonfruit. I had expected a smaller portion and managed to finish only half of the food. My first thought was that most of the dishes were 清淡 (qing dan), which means light and simple in Chinese. The food was delicious and not oily, except for the long beans and eggplant. I’m not a fan of the gong bao cooking style as it’s usually oily, but the mushrooms were served in a soupy mixture instead. Look forward to trying more dishes here!

Westgate #01-08
3 Gateway Drive
+65 6710-5567


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