Moi Lum in Maxwell Road

My mum was raving about what she exclaimed as “super delicious Peking duck and roasted chicken”, so we trooped down for dinner on a Sunday, with a last-minute reservation made for 1730. Yes it opens for dinner that early, and it was a good idea because when we were midway through our meal, diners started pouring in.

The restaurant is a very short walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt, if you don’t drive.

As only three of us eat duck, we’re saving our taste of Peking duck when we a return as a bigger group (yes we’re returning, it’s that good!). Would be great if I could stop by on a weekday for lunch too, the set menu looks affordable!

Anyway, here’s what we ordered: Red Snapper ($40), cooked with fried chyepoh; half a Majestic Roast Chicken ($16); and a Dried Conpoy with Cabbage ($16). Along with two bowls of rice and dessert, it was more than enough for four people.

The red snapper (above) was beautifully cooked, just firm and moist. It was covered generously with crisp, salty chyepoh bits. We ran out of sauce about 2/3 through though.

The roast chicken (above) was wonderfully juicy and moist! I have eaten my fair share of roast chicken cooked till dry as a bone (especially at weddings) and this was a nice surprise. It isn’t salty though, which is where the accompanying little platter of salt comes in.

The dried conpoy with cabbage (above) was basically an island of cabbage with a sea of thick gravy and conpoy chunks. Mop up the gravy with the cabbage and feel like you’re eating your Cantonese granny’s cooking again. I would like to order the doumiao version next time though, as it seems like it’ll go better with the gravy.

I ordered a fresh coconut ($3.50), which I thought was decently priced unlike the usual $5 charged elsewhere, and two ordered the Mango Gelato in Young Coconut ($7.50, above). The gelato was swimming in a pool or mango milk puree, and there was meat in the young coconut to eat too. The reminds me of melted mango pudding at Chinese restaurants somehow heh.

We will be back! I think the dishes are really good and value for money. There are sets for three to four people for just $70, which amazes me. Would like to try that next time.

Moi Lum Restaurant
38 Maxwell Road
Airview Building #01-01/02
+65 6226-2283

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