Kuvo in Orchard Shopping Centre

Kuvo describes itself as a lifestyle concept by tcc. The restaurant is hidden on the second floor of the quiet and rather empty Orchard Shopping Centre, which is next to 313@Somerset.

The service staff were ever-present and helpful, but the food was just slightly above average.

The Forest Mushroom Veloute (above) was creamy and flavourful, but like the typical decent ones you can find at restaurants. It won’t wow you. The bread served with it was slightly warm, but would have been better if it was crusty too.

I liked the cashew crust on the Barramundi with Cashew Crust (above), as well as the curry beurre blanc and ginger-infused kumara puree, but wished there was more of the curry sauce as the fish was a little dry.

The other main available was the Chicken Roulade with Chorizo Stuffing (above), with parsley mash and balsamic jus.

The Rum Cocoa Mousse Bar (above) was chocolaty and rich, but too sweet for me. I prefer very dark chocolate, so others may be fine with this. There were quite a few rum-soaked raisins and it was a huge burst of booze in each. A bit too much for me, though alcohol lovers would enjoy it. I enjoyed the tuile served with the vanilla gelato.

Orchard Shopping Centre #02-01
321 Orchard Rd
+65 6733-8272


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